What is an Alumni Association?

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An alumni association (sometimes called alumni meet) is a group of people who graduated from the same institution. The role of the alumni associations is to maintain a network among the members. It also gives a sense of pride and identity to the members. There are alumni associations across all levels, including primary schools and universities. Some alumni associations arise from members having gone through some form of training at a particular time. The most popular alumni associations in the UK and the US are always affiliated with universities and colleges. However, some will allow in members without them necessarily having gone through the institution. As long as they are committed to offering support, they can be allowed membership and privileges.

What Alumni Associations Do

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There are many activities that alumni associations do. They all have different mandates that determine their actions. Some basics are expected from almost all alumni associations. The first one is to organize regular meetups where the members can gather and check up on each other. They also set up connections that allow members to access job opportunities. They also maintain a link with the institution they came from and can then engage in development projects and fundraising activities that support and improve the institutions. Some members of alumni associations also volunteer to become mentors or even career guides.