About the Website

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Transitioning from school to the job market can be difficult for students. This is why many colleges have formed alumni associations where past students can share opportunities and experiences. For those yet to join institutions of higher learning finding the right college can be stressful.

This website is dedicated to providing students and parents with information to help them make the right educational choices and find fun learning resources for both kids and adults. The following are the sections of the site.

Alumni Associations

Under this section, readers will be taken through what alumni associations are, why one should get involved with them, and how to ask alumni for guidance on finding internships and jobs.

College Education

It’s the dream of every high school student to join an institution of higher learning of their choice after graduation. With this in mind, we have taken our time to curate information that will help students select the right college, discover why higher education is essential and how online learning resources are useful.

Kids Activities

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Learning activities for kids are essential for their development. However, parents and teachers may not know the right activities for the children. Read through this section for fun activities that children can learn from when taking part in them.